Currently, Cross-Play games – gaming applications for smartphones and tablets – are the fastest-growing segment of the gaming market (see below for more details on segment weight). This is due to the availability of mobile devices and mobile traffic. Limelight data confirms this: smartphones are the most popular gaming device in the world.

The Popularity of Cross-Play Games

An additional factor in the so-called maturation of mobile gaming is monster hunter world cross platform. According to game analysts, mobile games such as PUBG and Fortnite, along with the enhancement of mobile devices, have provided a multiplayer experience that puts them on par with RTS and PC/Mac shooters or game consoles. Many publishers and experts see great potential in the mobile market, which makes it particularly attractive to investors.

Currently, multiplayer game projects are actively developing, functioning simultaneously as social spaces where participants can play and communicate during the game (for example, The Crew, Minecraft). Experts believe that subsequent projects of this kind will use the idea of multiplayer games as a social rather than just a gaming experience. In addition, there is also the integration of computer games with popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Publishers embed sharing options in gameplay and game consoles to enable sharing.

Cross-play tournaments can already be comparable to championships in traditional sports in terms of prize money. According to experts, over the entire existence of e-sports, over $ 700 million in prize money has been paid. In addition, as a rule, the largest tournaments – majors (for example, IEM Katowice, ESL Pro League Season) – are held on real venues, gathering thousands of spectators. Table Figure 2 shows examples of games with the largest budget for esports tournaments.

10 Best Recommendation for Cross-Play Games

Just because you own a computer and your friend has a PS4 doesn’t mean you can’t play together. There are multiplayer cross-platform games that allow you to team up with your friends regardless of the platform. Here’s a list of cross-platform games for 2021:

  1. Divinity: Original Sin (Classic).
  2. Trine 2: Complete Story.
  3. Synth riders.
  4. Hearts of Iron IV.
  5. Minecraft.
  6. Genshin impact.
  7. Pinball fx 3.
  8. Realm Royale.
  9. Guns, Gore, and Cannoli 2.
  10. Demeo.

Despite the fact that LibGDX is cross-platform and should ensure that the application runs on different platforms, in the same way, there are some complexities that should be taken into account when designing a software product. The most notable of these are the differences in the file system and input system of different platforms. In the case of processing input for Desktop and HTML projects, you can use the keyboard and mouse.

When using a mouse, you can track the position of the cursor and react to its appearance in any area (not relevant for mobile platforms), as well as mouse clicks perceived as touching the screen (by analogy with touch phones). The problem is that in Android, unlike Desktop, the internal files of the application are write-protected, read-only available.

Therefore, you need to implement a project with algorithms either universal for use on all systems, or separately used on different platforms. What is Fortnite – everyone can see. You can complain about Epic Games and whine about their creation, which has been on the top of the most popular games for several years now.