New models of managing organizations appear with the technical development of the world and are fundamentally different from those before. This article will review the best board portal solutions in 2023 that were developed for efficient collaboration of the boards.

More efficient meetings with a board portal

A high-performing board of directors is no accident. The recipe for success is secure communication between management, the Board of directors, and board members. Many companies and organizations already use a board portal, and in many other Boards of Directors, the technological support of the executive Board itself is a point of attention. Nevertheless, many executive board members are more energetic in automating the primary processes than the administrative ones. Moreover, to achieve common goals, the constant cooperation of company leaders and understanding the motivation and content of each other’s activities is necessary. It implies a coordinated presentation of plans and goals, the exchange of experience, and the presentation of activities results in a way understandable to colleagues and with the necessary level of detail. We show here again how a board portal contributes to more efficient meetings.

With the board portal solution, secretariats, CEOs, and board members can transparently access, view, and share business-critical documents while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance. Furthermore, by moving into the cloud, the boards not only relieve the IT infrastructure and free themselves from time-consuming update cycles, etc., but also use the performance advantages they achieve through the regional distribution of users. According to, the board portal is a well-ordered, well-secured, and very user-friendly software platform in which all relevant information for the executive Board is clearly arranged together.

The best board portal solutions in 2023

The modern digital business tools market presents many alternative solutions for the Board of directors’ automation. But we have reviewed the most commonly used board portals:

  • DiligentBoards

It is a platform for effective leadership and hassle-free document processing. This board software is perfect for meetings and board meetings, file sharing, and collaboration, as well as setting up corporate information security. The biggest benefits of this software are increased speed and reduced errors. With a “manual” system, management may have to wait a few days to determine how much was sold in a month. The software can access the information as soon as the data is entered. The program does most of the calculations and compiles reports, minimizing errors and making the process efficient. As a result, management can make faster decisions and improve the bottom line, which is a big plus for any business.

  • BoardMaps

It is the solution that will help you improve your board meetings, make better decisions, and turn them into action instantly. This software will structure the workflow into convenient and easy-to-understand steps. The software offers the following functions:

  • Secure chat – a convenient environment for discussions, minutes, and files
  • The extent of current points
  • Meeting agendas
  • Designing possible decisions and plans
  • Polls and Votes
  • Job management system
  • Real-time performance reporting.
  • EShare

This digital boardroom was created to optimize non-effective retirement meetings but grew into a global provider. As a result, all project participants can stay informed and count on high-quality, informative reports. eShare includes messaging features, voting tools, meeting and calendar features, and other features to make communication as smooth as possible. In addition, with the help of a special report designer, you can customize various performance reports in the user mode, analyzing the deviations of actual results from planned data and calculating various indicators.