In 2021, when Fallout 5 comes out, the first part of the series turns twenty-three years old. Over the years, six (seven, if you count the recent Fallout Shelter) full-fledged games in this universe – different genres and for different platforms, have been released, about the same number of projects have been canceled at one stage or another of development. But almost every Fallout has funny or sad stories associated with it.

The Popularity of Fallout Games in Modern World

Modern computer Fallout games are very diverse in content, differ in the motivation on which the gameplay is based, and the psychological effects that are formed and fixed in it. The mental activity that is simulated in a video game will be determined by what genre of the game the player uses.

However, the problem of the game’s belonging to a particular genre is a rather complex question, as the question of the genre features literary or any other works of art. The classification of computer games is underdeveloped, and researchers are constantly making suggestions for improvement. Defining the genre of the fallout 4 multiplayer is important not only in the context of promoting the game to the target audience, assessing the creative process on which the game is created, but also to understand the psychological content of those who use the game and are involved in the gameplay.

According to experts, it is the gaming industry that is becoming a conduit for the ideas of modern creativity and innovation. Computer games are now present in various segments of popular culture, and some have even become its phenomena (for example, Mario or Final Fantasy).

In some countries, such as the United States, computer games have been recognized as a separate art form. In addition, a new subculture began with its own language, icons, unique events, and activities. A powerful ecosystem is being formed. Gaming is becoming a highly paid profession. According to expert estimates, over 35% of all gamers in the world are ready to make gaming their main occupation.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Fallout 5

  1. The strange sounds that giant ants and some other insects make in Fallout 3 are the rustling of a cereal wrapper in front of a microphone. Prose, but how good it turned out in the end.
  2. At first, it was fantasy, then – dashing fantasy with leaps in time. In the end, the team decided to make Wasteland 2, but EA held the license tightly. And then Kane (just in time) dreamed of the plot of the game: in the future, people will live in huge shelters the size of a city.
  3. Millions of Shelters, quadrillions of newborn babies … Fallout Shelter is a free game that you can download right now on Google Play and the App Store – even in the description, it amazes with its unprecedented scale. But words are one thing, facts are another.
  4. Marketers suggested the head of the company, Brian Fargo, disperse this booth and get down to business, but Kane managed to convince him.
  5. Experts and industry participants note the development of a number of strong trends that are shaping the development of the global gaming industry. So, new technologies (virtual, mobile, cloud, etc.) continue to play an important role, there is a fusion of virtual and physical environments, socialization of games, etc.